Alto Software is a Free Software micro consultancy specialized in functional programming. Founded in 1990, we work for universities, research labs, space agencies, ngos and some industries.

Our focus is on symbolic processing, parallel computation, database, and computer vision.

Our main prototyping and development tool is the Guile Scheme language, which, coupled to Geiser, really rocks! But see our Projects and Services pages for additional skills.

Latest News

31 January 2017

Guile-CV - GNU evaluation

A couple of months ago, we started to work on Guile-CV, a Computer Vision functional library for the Guile Scheme language, and now is the right time for it to be evaluated to be part of the GNU Project.

Guile-CV is based on Vigra (Vision with Generic Algorithms). It comprises a direct binding to Vigra_c (a C wrapper to a subset of the Vigra library), and a higher level API written in Guile Scheme. Guile-CV is entirely written in Guile, no C code.

No Guile-CV web-site yet, so we temporarily uploaded it under our Grip project page on Savannah, here:

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